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WorkflowMax Invoice Format for Construction Industry

What's the Issue The construction industry has a very specific format in which progress claims need to conform.  Without the correct setup (including the use of custom print templates) WorkflowMax will not provide all of the  information required nor will the invoices be formatted as required. In general[...]

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WorkflowMax Quotes with Dynamic Images

WorkflowMax and Print Templates WorkflowMax is a powerful Job Management application that allows users to: track the profitability of jobs compare actual labour and material costs against estimated costs. WorkflowMax can be customised to meet the specific needs of many industries and user groups.  An important tool provided[...]

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Improved WorkflowMax Print Templates

WorkflowMax provides users with the ability to customise print templates for Quotes and Invoices to meet specific business requirements. The templates supplied with WorkflowMax can be easily modified and will meet most requirements. There are however a number of situations where business requirements are more demanding and significant[...]

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October 10, 2018
Business Transformation – Why Use a Business Consultant

Uncertainty is a significant threat to every business. Whenever we try to reduce uncertainty, we often end up with more information than we can process and can become paralysed by indecision – especially in the Information Age. An integrated project management system can prevent information overload and help[...]

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