Two questions need to be answered before we can start working together. They are:

  • Can we help you??
  • Are we a good fit?

Our pre-engagement process is extensive.

It includes:

A “what’s the potential of your business” audit

For those owners who want to take it further and for whom we think we can offer great value we then undertake a “business diagnostic”. This takes about one hour and provides valuable insight as to the current state of the business and what could be achieved if “best practice” systems and procedures were adopted. There are two outcomes:

  • What profit should your business be making from its current turnover
  • What profit could your business be making if growth were maximised

Both of these sessions are complimentary with no obligation to continue. It is simply an opportunity for both parties to understand what opportunities exist and to determin whether a good fit exists. Most owner’s gain considerable insight into their business as they work through this process


A “what’s holding you back” review

A 30 minute complementary session over a coffee where we get to understand about where you are at the moment and where you and your business want to go